Sunshine in the fog

Sunshine in the fog

You can look out of the window on a grey, murky November day and decide that you can’t be bothered to don your boots, pick up your camera and go for a walk. Or, you can go out anyway, enjoy the exercise and see if the weather does anything interesting…

We left a sunny Southampton and drove into fog and murk around Salisbury that stuck around as we drove down to the Hampshire/Dorset border at Martin Down National Nature Reserve. The great thing about fog though is that it drifts around and, as we walked a ridge path above the glorious landscape of Cranborne Chase toward Penbury Knoll, the sun broke through for a fleeting moment. The landscape was bathed in soft, golden light and for a few seconds the scene came alive.

Penbury Knoll, Cranborne Chase, Dorset
Canon EOS R5, Canon RF 24-105 L IS

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