Gulfoss. The final point of the Iceland ‘Golden Triangle’, that little cluster of sights within a day trip of Reykjavik that everyone should, and generally does, visit.

Here, the wild Hvita River rushes down from the mountains of the interior and tumbles over two falls as it turns 90 degrees into a steep canyon before continuing its journey seaward. In late-Spring /early-Summer (which is the end of June in this part of the world!), snow melt forces the river into a torrent, with the falls throwing up spray that soaks everything around it. If you visit at the right time in the late afternoon, it also casts a rainbow that arcs across the canyon between the two falls. Nature at its rawest and most beautiful.

June 2015.
Canon EOS 5D Mark iii
Canon EF 24-105 f4 L IS

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Telephoto view of the upper falls at Gullfoss where the wide Hvítá River rushes over 10m cliffs towards a deep gorge. Southwest Iceland
A rainbow forms in the spray above both falls at Gullfoss, southwest Iceland

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