In the Pink

In the Pink

Sunrises here (or at least the ones I’ve seen – after all , from May to September sunrise is at bonkers o’clock) are often grey. Clear overnight skies often give way to cloud inversions by dawn and full or partial cloud cover is normally a feature when frontal systems are around or about. Even when clear here, the mountains to the west can be shrouded in gloom.

When the day does dawn clear, however, the light can be magnificent. Add in lifting cloud above Ben More Assynt and his companions and you can have a compelling scene. In late January, sunrise is still about 8:30am, meaning you don’t have to work hard when the weather gods are kind, to capture the pastel colours and cool serenity of the start of a new day.

West Shinness, Lairg. 30th Jan 2024
Canon EOS R7, Canon RF-S 18-150


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