Reynisdrangar and Reynisfjall, Vik

Reynisdrangar and Reynisfjall, Vik

Reynisfjall is the high ridge that overlooks Vik from the east. This high, jagged basalt mass forms a flat-topped headland that juts out into the cold waters of the North Atlantic, bounding the black sand beach to the south of the village centre. At the end of his headland stands Reynisdrangar, the “Troll Rocks” a collection of sea stacks carved by the incessant wind and waves of this high latitude into contorted shapes.

The evening we visited Vik and the beach, the air was still but the sky grey from a passing weather front that threatened but never quite delivered showery outbreaks of rain. Somehow, though, this steely grey sky, lightly broken by hints of pale pink evening light as the sun dropped down towards the horizon, only added more atmosphere to the scene.

June 2015
Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Canon EF 100-400 L IS II

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